Its $60.1 billion GDP ranks just No. 79 and its $9,645 average income is No.

Costa Rica

 its $60.8 billion GDP ranking No. 78 in the world and its $10,314 average salary ranking No. 94


This European nation’s $34.8 billion GDP in unimpressive, but its No. 39 ranking in SPI pulls it back into the fold.



its No. 56 ranked 180.7 billion GDP and No. 58 ranked $22,064 average income strike a balance that put it in the lower part of our top 50 wealthiest nations list.


Turkey boasts a large GDP of $766.5 billion that puts it No. 19 in the world.


Pulling Slovakia up our list is its No. 35 ranking in SPI, which it owes to its wide access to clean water and sanitation, access to nutrition